online stores

If you aren't able to drop by a convention, my artwork is all available through online stores with shipping available world wide.



Etsy is the best place to support me as an artist. Through my Etsy store you can purchase the D20 Kickstarter Enamel Pins, cryptid acrylic charms, zines, sketchbooks, stickers, prints, charms, and original artwork!

Threadless png.png


At Threadless, you will be able to grab hold of pillow covers, phone cases, and most importantly, apparel! Grab hold of top quality clothing for all ages and sizes. I am unable to print these at home, so this is the next best place to support me!



At Redbubble you will be able to grab apparel, notebooks, phone cases, tote bags, and things that I can't print or store at home. Redbubble take a large percentage of the price to cover their manufacturing process. Redbubble has limited new artwork from me.



If you're still interested in supporting me, you can make a donation through Ko-Fi!



Random Encounter is a wonderful pop culture themed cafe who stocks my D20 Enamel Pins.

Random Encounter
9 Gillygate
YO31 7EA



You can get my D20 Enamel Pins along with some amazing dice at The Dice Shop Online!